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Pratishtha Sharma Is Success Reason Of YouTuber Harsh Beniwal Channel Girl Real Name

Friends hope all of you have seen the video of YouTuber Harsh Beniwal. As Harsh Beniwal is among the successful YouTuber of India. Now we have done some analysis of Harsh Beniwal YouTube channel. That why Harsh Beniwal is successful YouTuber.

Friends Harsh Beniwal started his YouTube channel on 6 May 2015. But in starting days he does not got any response. But letter we have seen a girl added in Harsh Beniwal channel which name is Pratishtha Sharma. Friends we have notice that when Pratishtha Sharma joined YouTube with Harsh Beniwal. Harsh Beniwal channel started to increase views.

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As this was also a question that what is the name of the girl who comes with Harsh Beniwal in his YouTube channel. So name of Harsh Beniwal channel girl is Pratishtha Sharma. Pratishtha Sharma is a young and beautiful actress.

Also Pratishtha Sharma is a good singer too. Due to the beauty of Pratishtha Sharma Harsh is getting nice response on his channel. As people wanted to see Pratishtha Sharma. So we also wish to beautiful Pratishtha Sharma for her career success.

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