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Who Is Kiran In Movie G Kutta Se Real Name Of Kiran In Movie G Kutta Se

Friend’s movie G Kutta Se is going to release on 9 Jun 2017. Movie G Kutta Se story is based on Haryana plot. Movie G Kutta Se was released before one year. But there was too many issue was coming to release movie G Kutta Se.

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Now today we are here to talk about the actress of movie G Kutta Se. as many people wanted to know the real name of girl who did role of Kiran in movie G Kutta Se. so friends Kiran from movie G Kutta Se real name is Neha Chauhan.

Neha Chauhan done many event and shows before movie G Kutta Se. Hope you will love to watch Neha Chauhan in movie G Kutta Se.

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