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Does Priyanka Chopra Is In Movie Krrish 4 Or Not

Friend’s movie Krrish 4 planning has been started. This is sure that the lead actor of movie Krrish 4 would be Hrithik Roshan. Also we have seen that in movie Krrish and Krrish 3 Priyanka Chopra done very good job.

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But now friends in movie Krrish 4 there is no confirmation that Priyanka Chopra would be part of Krrish 4 or not. As maker of movie Krrish are looking for a new actress for movie Krrish 4. Actress will have some special power like Krrish have.

Also maker inspired from the Gal Gadot who shows some special power in movie Wonder Woman. Now we wish to Priyanka Chopra for her career.

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