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Baahubali Movie Can Make 250 Crores More

Hi Baahubali Movie Team,

I am a big fan of Baahubali movie.

I have come to know that due to keep the secret of reason “WHY Kattappa Killed Baahubali”. You people made three climax of movie Baahubali 2. Once climax has been shown in movie Baahubali 2.

There are two climax are not shown. I request that please also release remaining two climax of movie Baahubali 2. If you will release these two climax you can make 250 crores more.

If you like my idea then please fulfil my dream I wanted to meet team of Baahubali 2. I am always free for your call my contact number 7014686319

Sudheer Yadav

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