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Maatr 2017 Movie Cast, Wallpaper, Trailer, Budget, Song, Collection, Review, Raveena Tandon

About Maatr Movie
Maatr is a Bollywood movie. Maatr movie releasing date is 21 April 2017. Maatr movie is a drama and crime genre based movie. Movie is based on the biggest issue of woman which is rape and molestation. Maatr is a woman oriented movie. Maatr movie directed by Ashtar Sayed. Producer of movie Maatr name is Michael Pellico.

About Lead Star Cast Of Maatr Movie
Friend’s movie Maatr is a comeback of actress Raveena Tandon. So actress is in the lead cast of movie Maatr. Raveena Tandon is playing role of a mother. Name of Raveena Tandon. In movie Maatr is Vidya Chauhan. Raveena Tandon is the biggest star cast for the movie Maatr.

If we are talking about the other lead star cast then there are Divya Jagdale, Madhur Mittal, Shailender Goyal, Anurag Arora, Alisha Khan and Rushad Rana. Anurag Arora is playing role of a Inspector which name is Jayant Shroff.

The most impotant searched which we have notice about movie Maatr cast is about the daughter of Raveena Tandon in movie Maatr. As we have seen that many people want to know the name of the actress who played Raveena Tandon daughter role in movie Maatr. So Alisha Khan is playing role of Raveena Tandon daughter in movie Maatr. Alisha is corrector in movie Maatr name is Tia.

Poster Of Movie Maatr

Maatr Movie Lead Star Cast
Raveena Tandon-Vidya Chauhan
Divya Jagdale-Ritu
Madhur Mittal-Apurva Malik
Shailender Goyal-Govardhan Malik
Anurag Arora-Inspector Jayant Shroff
Alisha Khan-Tia
Rushad Rana-Ravi

Maatr Movie Budget
Movie Maatr is not seems any cast who is a highly paid. Also this is a comeback movie of actress Raveena Tandon. We have seen that comeback artist never charge too much fee. Location of movie shooting was Delhi and Mumbai. There is not too much effect seen in movie in editing. So after looking these factor we can say that Raveena Tandon movie Maatr is not a high budget movie. As per the analysis report budget of movie Maatr should be approx 5 crores.

Release Date-21 April 2017
Movie Budget-5 Crores
Genre-Drama, Crime
Movie Director-Ashtar Sayed
Music Director-Fuzon
Producer-Michael Pellico
Banner-CDB Musical Production
Cinematography-Hari Vedanta
Written By-Michael Pellico
Running Time-N/A

Maatr Movie Official Trailer
Trailer of movie Maatr was released on 30 March 2017. Maatr movie official trailer got 70 lac views in 15 days. Which seems very good response for movie Maatr? In the trailer of movie Maatr Raveena Tandon looking perfect in her role.

Story Of Maatr Movie
Maatr is a woman based movie. Maatr movie is wanted to show the corruption and the woman situation in the country. Where Vidya Chauhan (Raveena Tandon) and her daughter Tia (Alisha Khan) went in a place. They have face molestation and rape there. After this Vidya daughter Tia was died. Vidya try to take help from lot of people. But not get any hope from anywhere. Then Vidya decided to take revenge herself. Rest you can watch in cinema hall.

Raveena Tandon And Alisha Khan From Movie Maatr

Maatr Movie Song
All the song fo movie Maatr not released yet. The director of music in movie Maatr is Fuzon. So hope you will get some good music. Also there is too much hope from the movie music. As story of movie is really heart touching.

Maatr Movie Collection Report
Collection report of movie Maatr would come after the movie Maatr releasing. Hope movie Maatr would get some huge start on box office.

Maatr Movie Budget-5 Crores
Maatr Movie First Day Collection Report-0.4 Crores
Maatr Movie Overall Collection Report-4 Crores

Maatr Movie Review
Maatr is a woman based movie. You must watch Maatr movie if you salute woman from true heart.

From Guru Of Movie To Maatr
We salute to actress Raveena Tandon to making such kind of movie. After a long time she is coming in movies. As after marriage Raveena Tandon was caring her family. We have also noted that the actress Alisha Khan is also a good search for movie Maatr. So hope both the actress Raveena Tandon and Alisha Khan would be getting nice response for movie Maatr.

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