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Name Of Lead Actress In Movie Inferno

Real Name Of Inferno Movie Actress Felicity Jones In Movie Inferno
Friend’s movie Inferno was released on 28 Oct 2016. We have seen that the movie Inferno got huge start on box office. The lead actor of movie Inferno was Tom Hanks and Irrfan Khan. Both did very good work in movie Inferno.

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Now after this success we have notice that many people wanted to know more and more about the lead actress of movie Inferno. So this is the big question that who is the lead actress of movie Inferno. What is the real name of movie Inferno actress?

We would love to tell you that lead actress of movie Inferno name is Felicity Jones. Felicity Jones did role of Dr. Sienna Brooks in movie Inferno. So this is a very special role for her. As Inferno movie was the one of the most awaited movie for 2016.

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Felicity Jones started her career when she was 13 years old. Now after success of movie Inferno. Fans started to search Felicity Jones wallpaper from movie Inferno and Felicity Jones picture from movie Inferno. Which is the good news for the actress Felicity Jone. We wish to Felicity Jone for her huge success in movie. You can see Felicity Jone beautify the movie Inferno.

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