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Begum Jaan 2017 Movie Cast, Wallpaper, Trailer, Budget, Song, Collection, Review, Vidya Balan, Pallavi Sharda, Gauahar Khan, Chunky Pandey, Naseeruddin Shah

Begum Jaan Movie Review Begum Jaan Movie All Actress Hot Scene
About Begum Jaan Movie
Begum Jaan is a Bollywood movie. Begum Jaan movie released on 14 April 2017. Begum Jaan movie is Hindi remake of the Bengali movies Rajkahini. Which was released in 2015? Movies Begum Jaan is a drama genre based movie. Begum Jaan movie is directed by Srijit Mukherji. Begum Jaan movie produced by Mukesh Bhatt and Vishesh Bhatt. Begum Jaan movie is based on woman power. Begum Jaan is “A” marked movie. Which means movie Begum Jaan is not allowed for below 18 years?

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Shooting Location Of Movie Begum Jaan
Movie Begum Jaan shooting was done in many places. The place which was used in movie for shooting is Jharkand, Punjab and Delhi. Begum Jaan Movie Haveli which you see in the movie that is in Jharkand. The district where Begum Jaan movie Haveli is situated is Dumka. Where we have also seen that mostly story run around that Haveli. You can also see that there is special thank given to CM of Jharkand. Because CM of Jharkand given approval for movie Begum Jaan shooting.

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Begum Jaan Movie Budget
Begum Jaan is an average budget movie. Begum Jaan movie all the cast are average paid cast. Vidya Balan, Chunky Pandey and Naseeruddin Shah would be the highest paid cast for movie Begum Jaan. Begum Jaan movie mostly shooting was done in a Haveli which is in Dumka Jharkand. So location cost should not be high. So after looking this factor movie Begum Jaan budget should be approx 19 crores.

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Release Date-14 April 2017
Movie Budget-19 Crores
Movie Director-Srijit Mukherjee
Music Director-Anu Malik
Producer-Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt
Banner-PLAY Entertainment, Vishesh Films
Cinematography-Gopi Bhagat
Written By-Srijit Mukherji
Running Time-134 Minutes
Status- Released

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About Lead Star Cast Of Begum Jaan
Vidya Balan-The main lead cast of movie Begum Jaan is Vidya Balan. Vidya Balan is playing role of Begum Jaan. Vidya Balan is looking a very mature actress in the movie Begum Jaan. In Begum Jaan movie Vidya Balan played a very strong woman corrector role. So we could also say that Begum Jaan is one of the best Vidya Balan movies. Vidya Balan husband is also very excited to see the movie Begum Jaan.

Poster Of Movie Begum Jaan

Ila Arun- Ila Arun is doing role of Amma. Who is taking care of small children at Begum Jaan Haveli.

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Gauahar Khan- Gauahar Khan is playing role of Rubina in movie Begum Jaan. We have notice that fans are very much excited to see Gauahar Khan Wallpaper and Gauahar Khan Picture from movie Begum Jaan. You will enjoy Gauahar Khan powerful acting in movie Gauahar Khan. You can easily see Gauahar Khan hot figure in movie Begum Jaan. Some fans were looking for some hot scene of Gauahar Khan in movie Begum Jaan but Gauahar Khan not given any hot scene in movie Begum Jaan.

Gauahar Khan From Movie Begum Jaan

Pallavi Sharda- Pallavi Sharda is an actress who did role of Gulabo in Begum Jaan movie. Pallavi Sharda gave too many hot scene in movie Begum Jaan. Pallavi Sharda is the actress who gave hot scene in Begum Jaan movie when movie got started. As many people wanted to know that the actress Pallavi Sharda name who gave hot scene in movie Begum Jaan. Pallavi Sharda career is also going down. As we have seen that before Begum Jaan Pallavi Sharda no movie done very good. Pallavi Sharda wallpaper and Pallavi Sharda picture are also too much searched by fans.

Pallavi Sharda Actress Of Movie Begum Jaan

Mishti (Indrani Chakraborty)- Mishti got a nice role in movie Begun Jaan. Mishti is doing role of Shabnam. Mishti is the girl for which Rajaji (Naseeruddin Shah) wanted to spent a night with her.

Gracy Goswami-Many people wanted to know the real name of actress who did child artist role in Begum Jaan movie. So we would love to tell you that Gracy Goswami is playing a child artist role. Whose name is Laadli. Laadli is a small girl who lives in Begum Jaan Haveli and Amma take care of Laadli. Gracy Goswami is the girl who opens her cloth in front of Policeman. Gracy Goswami was also in Balika Vadhu TV serial and done role of Nimboli Singh.

Gracy Goswami Laadli Of Begum Jaan Movie

Naseeruddin Shah-Naseeruddin Shah is doing role of Rajaji. Rajaji basically rule on an area. He is like a king. Rajaji gave permission to Begum Jaan to start her prostitution business. Begum Jaan also obey a lot to Naseeruddin Shah (Rajaji).

Naseeruddin Shah From Movie Begum Jaan

Chunky Pandey-Chunky Pandey is doing role of Kabir. Kabir is a big criminal who take money to empty Begum Jaan Haveli. Chunky Pandey is doing a nice negative role. Which you cannot think. But Chunky Pandey doing a great work in movie Begum Jaan. Also very danger role done by Chunky Pandey in movie Begum Jaan.

Chunky-Pandey Look In Movie Begum Jaan

Begum Jaan Movie Lead Star Cast
Vidya Balan-Begum Jaan
Ila Arun-Amma
Gauahar Khan-Rubina
Pallavi Sharda-Gulabo
Priyanka Setia-Jameela
Ridheema Tiwary-Amba
Flora Saini-Maina
Raviza Chauhan-Lata
Poonam Rajput-Rani
Mishti (Indrani Chakraborty)as Shabnam
Gracy Goswami-Laadli
Pitobash Tripathy-Surjeet
Sumit Nijhawan-Salim Mirza
Ashish Vidyarthi-Harshvardhan
Chunky Pandey-Kabir
Rajit Kapoor-Ilias
Vivek Mushran-Master
Rajesh Sharma-Shyam
Naseeruddin Shah-Rajaji
Ashok Dhanuka-Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
Sanjay Gurubaxani-Jawaharlal Nehru
Dicky Banerjee-Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Patrick Eyre-Louis Mountbatten
Steve Burroughs-Hastings Ismay
Raja Biswas-Cyril Radcliffe

Poster Of Begum Jaan Movie Lead Cast

Begum Jaan Movie Official Trailer
Trailer of movie Begum Jaan was released on 14 Mar 2017. Begum Jaan movie trailer got 2.5 Crores trailer views in 30 days. Which is nice response for movie trailer? There a lot of hot scene you can see in movie Begum Jaan. Pallavi Sharda exposed herself a lot in movie Begum Jaan official trailer. After watching the trailer some people will search about the Begum Jaan hot movie scene.

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Story Of Movie Begum Jaan
Movie Begum Jaan is a woman power based movie. Where in the starting of movie you can see how much unsafe girl are in cities. Movie base story start from 1947 when a partition bill passed for India and Pakisthan. So to do partition Government has to make a wire line. But there is one Haveli which comes between the side plans of partition. Where Begum Jaan (Vidya Balan) is living and doing prostitution business. No one can harm Begum Jaan due to she has support of Rajaji (Naseeruddin Shah). After knowing the power of Begum Jaan government officer hire Kabir (Chunky Pandey) who is involve in killing and murder type of activity. But when Kabir not got success in his target. He decided to kill the entire woman who lives in Haveli. But all the woman of Haveli fights a lot against the team Kabir. You will enjoy Begum Jaan struggle in movie. You can see the entire story in the cinema hall.

Begum Jaan Movie Song
There are 6 songs in movie Begum Jaan. Begum Jaan movie song total length is 36:10 minutes. Singer of Begum Jaan movie are Asha Bhosle, Sonu Nigam, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Kalpana Patowary, Altamash Faridi, Shreya Ghoshal, Anmol Malik and Kavita Seth. All the song is very good in movie Begum Jaan. Especially like song of movie Begum Jaan are Aazaadiyan and Woh Subah. Some hot scene was also found in movie Begum Jaan. But overall nice song in the movie Begum Jaan.

(1) Prem Mein Tohre
(2) Aazaadiyan
(3) O Re Kaharo
(4) Holi Khelein
(5) Murshida
(6) Woh Subah

Begum Jaan Movie Collection Report
Begum Jaan movie done a very good start on box office. First day collection of movie Begum Jaan was approx 3.94 crores. Which seems a good response for this budget movie? Movie collection can reach at 35 crores. Collection report of movie can happy to everyone.

Begum Jaan Movie Budget-19 Crores
Begum Jaan Movie First Day Collection Report-3.94 Crores
Begum Jaan Movie Overall Collection Report-30 Crores

Begum Jaan Movi Review

Begum Jaan Movie Ranting As Per Guru Of Movie 4/5

What is good in movie Begum Jaan?
Begum Jaan movie is a painful story of woman. Where you can see the struggle of movie woman. Begum Jaan movie scene where a old lady save a young girl from rape and where a daughter save her mother from rape are awesome. There is nice acting by all the cast. Especially Chunky Pandey, Pallavi Sharda and Vidya Balan. Movie Begum Jaan can be good for career of Chunky Pandey. All the song of movie Begum Jaan is too good. The child artist of movie Begum Jaan which name is Gracy Goswami really played a wonderful roll. If you are a woman must watch this movie. This movie will tell that how powerful woman can be. Movie also shows the circumstance of prostitution. That why woman choose the way of prostitution.Think positive and fight for her. This massage we get from movie Begum Jaan

What is bad in movie Begum Jaan?
Movie Begun Jaan has too many hot scenes. We are agreeing that movie base plot was based on woman who is doing prostitutions. But should not incluse too many hot scenes. Specially the scene when Naseeruddin Shah getting intimate with actress Mishti and Vidya Balan singing can disturb some people. Also notice that Gauahar Khan and Pallavi Sharda are trying to expose her a lot.

Final Word From Guru Of Movie
Movie Begum Jaan is really great for the point of view of woman power. But the hot scene which is given by actress Pallavi Sharda and Mishti that can disturb to normal people. But there is nice base story and good song mixture. The great acting by the all the actress of movie Begum Jaan. So you must watch the movie in cinema hall. If you are woman must go for it. If you want to see painful life of woman must go for it. Do not watch movie Begum Jaan with below 18 years. Guru Of Movie wish to all the team of movie Begum Jaan for their huge success.

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