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Lead Actress Of Actress In Force 2 Movie

Actress In Force 2 Movie Genelia D'Souza In Force Movie
Friend’s movie Force 2 is releasing date is 18 November 2016. The lead actor of movie Force 2 would be continuing with John Abraham. John Abraham will again see in great action in Force 2 movie. Force 2 is the sequel movie of Force which was released in 2011.

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Now today we are here to talk and discuss about the lead actress of movie Force 2. As you have seen that in first part of movie Force Genelia D'Souza was the lead actress. But Genelia D'Souza would not be part of Force 2.

So now many fans are wanted to know is that who the main lead actress in Force 2 movie is. We would like to tell you that the lead actress of movie Force 2 would be Sonakshi Sinha. Sonakshi Sinha will play role of a girl who will love with actor John Abraham in Force 2 movie. Sonakshi Sinha action scene from Force 2 movie is also getting nice response.

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We have also notice that Sonakshi Sinha has a good physic which can make John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha perfect match of movie Force 2. So might be due to this reason Sonakshi Sinha get chance in movie Force 2. So now we have to wait some time for movie Force 2 release. We wish to Sonakshi Sinha for her coming movie success.

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