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Meet Sonakshi Sinha Actress Of Akira Movie

Sonakshi Sinha Akira Movie Actress Action Seen Konkona Sen Sharma In Akira Movie
Friends hope all of you know that movie Akira is going to release very soon. Akira movie would be in cinema hall on 2 Sep 2016. Akira is an action based movie. In movie Akira you will a lot of action seen. The lead actress of Akira movie is Sonakshi Sinha.

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Sonakshi Sinha is playing role of a collage going girl. Whose name is Akira Sharma in Akira movie. Akira is a very powerful and angry girl who caught in a wrong case. Due to Police catch her in wrong after coming from Jail Akira decide to take revenge from all of the people due to reason Akira gone to Jail.

There is a very good story in the movie. Also Sonakshi Sinha did very hard work for movie Akira. There is a lot of action seen which is herself played by actress Sonakshi Sinha. Sonakshi Sinha did very hard work for the movie Akira. Many time Sonakshi Sinha was injured due action seen of movie Akira.

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You will also see Konkona Sen Sharma and Urmila Mahanta in movie Akira. Now we have to wait for 2 Sep 2016 when the movie Akira would be in hall. Also Akira movie trailer got more than 1 crores views on YouTube which is also saying a sucessful story of movie Akira. Well this time we wish Sonakshi Sinha for her career and coming movie Akira.

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