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Kate Bosworth Actress Of Before I Wake Movie

Actress Of Before I Wake Movie Kate Bosworth In Before I Wake Movie
Friends hope all of you have seen trailer of Before I Wake movie. Before I Wake mov ie is going to release on 9 Sep 2016. Before I Wake movie genre is horror, supernatural, drama, thriller and fantasy. Before I Wake story can disturb you.

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Today we are here to discuss about the lead actress of movie Before I Wake. Friends many people wanted to know name of actress who did Jessie Hobson role in movie Before I Wake. So friends the lead actress of movie Before I Wake name is Kate Bosworth.

Kate Bosworth is an American actress. Kate Bosworth done her movie debut in 1997. Beautiful Kate Bosworth done many movies and also she is part of some video games. Kate Bosworth playing role of Jessie Hobson. Whose son has been died and she adopted another child.

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There is a very low chance as per the review of this movie. As movie Before I Wake also does not did good work. Very poor reponse for movie Before I Wake. But might be poosible that in cinema hall fans will love this movie. We wish Kate Bosworth for her movie Before I Wake success.

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