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Does Katrina Kaif Going Down Due To Jacqueline Fernandez

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Friends we have seen in Bollywood everyday some new star comes. Sometime old star times goes and new star take entry. Today we are here to discuss about the lead actress of India and Bollywood whose career is going down. Now we have to see that why this happening.

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We are talking about the actress Katrina Kaif. As all of you know that Katrina Kaif did Bollywood debut in 2013 and from 2007 to 2014 her career was on the top position. She rules on Bollywood for 8 years. But now this has been observed that Katrina Kaif movies are not doing well on box office. The fans of Katrina Kaif are not as much follows her as they were doing before.

So friend what could be the reason behind this. Other side we have also seen that Jacqueline Fernandez is the first choice of Bollywood. Jacqueline Fernandez has taken many movies from Katrina Kaif. So does this means that Jacqueline Fernandez is the new replacement of Katrina Kaif.

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Might be some true fans of Katrina Kaif will not accept this but this is true. We have seen that from last 2 years Katrina Kaif career going down and Jacqueline Fernandez career going very high. Now Katrina Kaif new movie Baar Baar Dekho is coming in Sep 2016. So Katrina Kaif has a lot of hope from this movie.

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But is Baar Baar Dekho movies goes fail on box office that this would be very clear Katrina Kaif have no more time in Bollywood as leading actress. As she was considered one of India's most attractive celebrities. Hope Baar Baar Dekho movie will do well on box office and Katrina Kaif will back as she was doing before. We wish to Katrina Kaif for her career. Love you Katrina Kaif you are the best hope you are rocking time will come back soon.

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