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Actress Who Was Wife Of Rajinikanth In Kabali Movie

Who Is Wife Of Rajinikanth In Kabali Movie Actress Name Of Kabali Movie
Friends hope all of you have seen movie Kabali. Which was released on 22 July 2016? Many fans are waiting to watch movie Kabali in Hindi language. The lead actor of movie Kabali is Rajinikanth. Movie Kabali is based on action, crime, adventure and drama.

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After getting successful start of Kabali movie. Fans are very much excited to know about the actress of Kabali movie. There was a question that who is the lead actress of Kabali movie? Who did Wife role of Rajinikanth in Kabali? What is the real name of Kumudhavalli Actress Of Kabali?

So friends we would like to tell you that the lead actress of Kabali movie name is Radhika Apte. Radhika Apte did role of Rajinikanth wife in Kabali movie. Radhika Apte played role of Kumudhavalli in Kabali movie. Radhika Apte is a very mature actress.

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Radhika Apte is popular due to her great acting in Bollywood. Radhika Apte is a Marathi born actress. Radhika Apte is 35 years younger that Rajinikanth but she played a very mature role with Rajinikanth in Kabali. After watching Radhika Apte in Kabali movie we can say Radhika Apte can be the lead actress of industry in coming days. We wish beautiful Radhika Apte for her coming career.

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